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What we do

We take your idea, and together with you we formulate the essential features required to validate it. We then develop the idea into a product with those essential features. The product can then be used to attract early adaptor customers, gather critical feedback, and validate the core idea.

After delivery of the product we support you with bug fixes and if requested we can help you with new iterations of the product, or even pivoting your idea and product into an entirely new direction.

Think of us as your principal engineering team without having to go through a difficult hiring process.

Why an MVP?

Reduced Risk

Building a full-featured product, only to find out there is no market for it, sucks. We focus on building a product with the essential features needed to validate your idea's main assumptions.

Reduced Cost

By building a product with only the essential features, not only the risk is reduced, but the cost is as well. Maintenance costs will also be reduced as less features means less maintentance.

Time to Market

Being first to market can give your startup a massive advantage over competitors. By building an MVP you will reduce development time and beat your competitors to market.


An MVP is the easiest way to quickly grow your business. By validating your idea, and getting your first users on board, venture capital will be much easier to obtain.

Why us?

There are many reason's to choose us. Too many to display in fact. Click this button to view a random reason to choose us!

Rapid Iteration

We work in bi-weekly sprints, showing progress and integrating your, and your initial users feedback.

Project Timeline

1. Intro Call

We begin with a fairly short introduction call where we learn about your idea, what you want us to build, and other project parameters.

Based on this introduction call we will give a cost and time estimate.

2. Requirements

In a focus session with you we formulate the list of requirements. Based on these specific requirements we will give the final cost, and time the project will take.

3. User Interface

If we are tasked with designing the MVP as well, we will begin with the most important screens. We will design these screens in a few styles.

Based on your feedback we will choose a style for the MVP, and design the rest of the application.

4. Development

We develop the MVP. We do this in bi-weekly increments, meaning there is an updated application every two weeks. We do this so your feedback can be incorporated often, and quickly.

5. Delivery

Once the application is fully developed, we help you deploy it to your first users. In this phase we fix unseen bugs and issues.

Sounds great! But, how much does it cost?

It's hard to give a concrete number, as the cost for an MVP depends on many different factors. Larger, more complex projects will logically cost more than simple one page applications.

A month of development time costs around $30,000. A simple MVP can be made in less than a month, more complex MVP's take longer. To get a more accurate price estimate, schedule a call or send us an email.

As we know, many startups, especially those in the pre-seed phase, don't have this kind of capital. That is why we offer more flexible payment options. A part will always have to be paid upfront, not because we don't believe in your idea, but because we also have bills to pay.

Part of the cost can be paid using equity1, be paid once you have secured funding2 or paid off with a revenue split3. Using these methods, your cost might end up being higher than when just paying upfront.

1 The amount of equity will be determined based on funding already received, or based on a $250,000 evaluation. The percentage of the total cost that can be covered using equity will not exceed 10%.

2 The percentage of the total cost that can be waived untill funding is received can not exceed 10%.

3 The revenue split will be a fixed percentage of your revenue, active until the decided percentage is paid off. Can't exceed more than 20% of the total cost.

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